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Residential building with shop and garages

25 Dobrudjanski kray Str., Sofia, Bulgaria

Accomplishment: The building is situated on 25 Dobrudjanski kray Str., at the corner of Georgy Danchov-Zografina Str. (behind Rodina Hotel nearby Russki Pametnik Sq,). It has 1 shop on the ground floor and 6 residential floors with 1 entrance. The total number of dwellings is 11. There are 8 garages in the basement. The construction of the building is monolithic, concrete, with walls from red fourfold bricks, internal walls from red single bricks. The roof is with the necessary heat and hydro insulation. The balconies are with cupper pipes. The facades are with heat insulation and high quality natural stones. The joinery is 3-chambered РVС Shoco. The building is hydro- and heat insolated. The finishing works are with imported faience, terracotta and sanitary faience from Poland. There is central heating with aluminum radiators and completely equipped installation with Permission for usage.

Stage of construction works: Act 16 permission


Object / Floor


Living area

With common areas

Price Euro/м2

Total Price, Euro


Shop/Ground floor




1 550

43 300

With finishing works

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