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Restaurant & Pizzeria  
Restaurant & Pizzeria

190 Vitosha Blvd., Sofia, Bulgaria

Accomplishment: Accomplishment: The building housing the restaurant was built in 2003. It is distinguished by its high quality construction. Luxurious materials were used to complete the building.
The restaurant is comprised of two levels connected by an interior spiral staircase. There are two direct entrances from the pavement at the ground floor level and at the first floor level. It is equipped with a separate ventilation and air-conditioning system, an alarm and security system, big window displays, inox railings and marble stairs.
It consists of two lounges, a kitchen, office, store-room, WC and other service rooms.
The restaurant has 80 seats and is furnished with custom-made soft furniture, a completely equipped kitchen and all other equipment necessary for its functioning.
The restaurant is situated in a top-communicative location - in the commercial part of the central Vitosha Boulevard in the capital city (opposite the main entrance of the South Park).
The boulevard is famous for the numerous visitors to elite shops, the representative offices of world-famous brands and the night clubs nearby. The proximity of the main entrance of the park and the young families passing by, as well as the non-stop traffic on the boulevard make the restaurant suitable for leisure activities – a pastry shop, café, day bar.

Stage of construction works: Act 16 permission


Object / Floor


Living area

With common areas

Total Price, Euro


Level I/Ground floor
Lounge & WC, Office, Store-room

Vitosha Blvd.
Direct entrances for the two levels, separate entrance for loading



895 000 EUR

Equipped and furnished

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