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Building grounds

Cape Emine, Black Sea Coast, Bulgaria

Cape Emine is the most eastern point of Bulgaria and it is situated 2 km far from the village of Emona. Right there the ridge of mountain Stara Planina brings down to the Black Sea. The nature on this place is a harmony of mountain and sea coast. Cape Emine has 0.5 hectares area and it is about 79 km far from the seaport town Varna, 54 km from the seaport town Burgas and 14 km from the resort Obzor. The building grounds which we offer have a unique view and they are situated near the monastery “St. Nikolay Chudotvorets” of Emona village. They are 2 km far from Emona village.
Virgin nature and unforgettable sea view attempt tourists year-round. Studs of wild horses often can be seen here.
The region is ecologically clear. Safaris and hunt of game are permitted in this part of Stara Planina.



Four adjoin building plots with area 10 000 sq.m per each, on 100 m far from the sea coast. All of them have issued visa for designing of holiday village with houses with total building area of 20 000 sq.m.
The plots are convenient for building of homesteads too.

The infrastructure of the region of Cape Emine is in stage of constructions.
The most of neighbor plots are bought by Russian investors already.

Price: negotiable



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